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Xtreme Cat

The Sock Superlight

The Sock Superlight

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Yes, socks come in pairs! The Sock being our light and robust everyday cross-country harness, its sidekick is the light version. The Sock Superlight in AirDesign’s language.


Construction & Features

Superlight durable materials. Take good care and it will last for very long.
Stability when you need it, authority when you want it.
High efficiency AirPillow Superlight, inflatable back protector (from thighs to upper lumbar area).
Super simple and safe 4 point clip-in system.
Front rescue container with ergonomic handle prehension, shoulder connected risers.
Large side pockets, huge back container, battery pack sleeve and zipped nose pocket.
And so much more!


Technical Specifications & Colors

Total harness
size (cm)

Impact pad
The Sock SL S 1.65 kg 150 - 170 Flame NfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
27 G
The Sock SL M 1.75 kg 165 - 185 Azur NfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
27 G
The Sock SL L 1.85 kg 180 - 200 Lime NfL 2-565-20 /
EN 1651 - 120kg
27 G

Weights are indicated without Superlight inflating / packing bag. This bag weighs 80g.


The choice of your harness size is important. The chart will help you to choose but we recommend that you try the harness at one of our dealers.



50 kg 55 kg 60 kg 65 kg 70 kg 75 kg 80 kg 85 kg 90 kg 95 kg 100+ kg*
150 cm S S S S
155 cm S S S S S
160 cm S S S S S S S/M
165 cm S S S S S/M S/M M M
170 cm S S S/M S/M M M M M M
175 cm M M M M M M M/L M/L L
180 cm M M M/L M/L M/L L L L L
185 cm M/L L L L L L L L
190 cm L L L L L L L
195 cm L L L L L L
200 cm L L L L L

*Maximum equipped pilot weight 120kg



  • AD Connects (softlinks, 12g each)
  • Inflatable AirPillow SL Protector
  • Superlight Rescue Risers
  • Superlight inflating / Packing bag
  • 3-Step Speedbar
  • Repair Materials
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