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Introducing NearBirds ATACMS: The Revolutionary Racing Paragliding Harness that Sets New Standards in Performance and Convenience


The ATACMS harness is built for performance. Its streamlined aerodynamics minimize drag, giving you an edge in competitive racing. Experience unparalleled maneuverability in thermal flows, and optimize your weight distribution with convenient ballast compartments.


Experience unmatched convenience from the moment you step into the ATACMS harness. Its cocoon design allows for effortless donning, while the magnetic closure system ensures quick and easy leg entry and exit. Say goodbye to time-consuming preparations, and overheating and focus on what truly matters—achieving your best performance.




Let’s explore the remarkable advantages that make the NearBirds ATACMS Racing Paragliding Harness a must-have for any competitive paraglider:

  1. Convenience at its Core: The ATACMS harness prioritizes convenience at every stage, from effortless pre-flight preparations to easy access to instruments. Its cocoon design allows for swift and hassle-free donning, while the intuitive harness opening mechanism ensures a seamless experience. Spend less time on pre-flight preparations and more time soaring through the skies.
  1. Unobstructed Instrument Access: Enjoy exceptional visibility and instrument accessibility with the ATACMS harness. Pilots can easily view their instruments without obstruction, and full access to instrument buttons during flight ensures uninterrupted control. Furthermore, the vario in instruments functions seamlessly on the instrument panel, providing crucial real-time information.
  1. Advanced Anti G Pocket: Safety is a top priority in NearBirds paragliding harnesses. The ATACMS harness is equipped with a dedicated pocket for Anti G.
  1. Optimal Temperature Regulation: Say goodbye to discomfort caused by overheating during flights. The NearBirds ATACMS keeps pilots at a normal temperature, preventing excessive heat buildup. Stay cool and focused, maximizing your performance in the skies.
  1. Easy entry and exit on Cocoon: The ATACMS harness features a revolutionary magnetic closure that enables easy and hands-free entry and exit from the cocoon. Whether it’s on takeoff, landing, or even in the air, pilots can effortlessly put their legs in and out of the cocoon, saving valuable time without compromising on comfort and safety.
  1. Convenient Ballast Placement: The NearBirds ATACMS offers three ballast compartments strategically located for optimal weight distribution. With two front compartments capable of holding 2 and 5 liters each, and an additional 5-liter pocket in the back, pilots can fine-tune their weight distribution for superior performance and stability.
  1. Unparalleled Thermal Management: Experience unparalleled maneuverability in thermal flows with the NearBirds ATACMS. Its intuitive design ensures effortless turning in thermal currents, surpassing the capabilities of traditional harnesses with cocoons. Stay in control and soar with confidence.
  1. Streamlined Aerodynamics: The ATACMS harness boasts an aerodynamic shape that minimizes drag, providing an extra edge in competitive racing. Its sleek design enhances speed and maneuverability, allowing pilots to push their limits and achieve greater performance.
  1. Enhanced Safety Features: NearBirds ATACMS harness have not one but two dedicated places for rescuers. Also pilots to use large rescue systems.
  1. Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 6 kilograms, the NearBirds ATACMS harness offers an optimal balance between durability and weight. 
  1. Integrated Drinking System: Stay hydrated and focused during long flights with the ATACMS harness’ integrated drinking system. Quench your thirst without interrupting your flight, ensuring peak performance throughout your journey.
  1. Classic Foam Protector: The NearBirds ATACMS harness integrates a 16 cm classic foam protector, ensuring maximum impact absorption.  Pilots can focus on their performance, knowing that their safety is paramount.
  1. Versatile Convenience: The NearBirds ATACMS harness the possibility of using a pipi tube attached to the leg, as on a regular cocoon harness.


Weighing just 6 kilograms, this harness offers a lightweight design without compromising on durability.


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