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AURA2 Square

AURA2 Square

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AURA2 Square is a square reserve emergency parachute designed for paragliding use only. AURA2 Square represents the maximum in safety, functionality and quality.

Fast opening times, slow decent rate and roll stability are some of the main characteristics of this reserve. Materials have been chosen carefully to achieve a rescue system that is light but still robust and durable.

Reliability and stability were the key factors on AURA2 Square’s design and development phase. After numerous deployments with successfully similar results, we conclude AURA2 Square has a fast and reliable opening along with stable descent rate that will bring you back to earth safely, in case an extreme situation arises.



Especificação 90 kg 105 kg 125 kg 150 kg
Carga Máxima 90 kg 105 kg 125 kg 150 kg
Área Plana 27 m² 32.64 m² 40.6 m² 46.4 m²
Painéis 16 20 24 24
Peso 980 g 1280 g 1545 g 1850 g
Taxa de Descida (Carga Máxima) 5.2 m/s 5.2 m/s 5.4 m/s 5.2 m/s
Linhas Centrais 1 1 1 1
Certificação EP_265.2019 EP_198.2017 EP_199.2017 EP_205.2017


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