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BF_cocon VAN (v2 modification)

BF_cocon VAN (v2 modification)

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Cor: White

Warm legs» option 50$. (45 gram)
«Seat board» option(removable) 40$(60 gram)
Electric pump for inflate mat, pillow, protector 30$
«Soft links» pair 25$
«Extra reserve handle» 25$
«Warm hands option» (light bells made of skytex fabric, installed on the brakes of your wing) 25$
Included: carabiners, inflatable protector, loops for attaching a solar panel, loops for attaching a carimat to the
outside of the trunk, integrated or removable front reserve container.


  • Many additional and innovative pockets, trunks;
  • Correct loading balance, which is not found in other bivouac cocoons;
  • In our cocoon, even with a full load of bivouac equipment and products, you will not fly "feet up»;
  • To choose from «integrated» or «removable on carabiner» frontal reserve container for a parachute;
  • Option "warm legs" (additional layer of fabric under lycra) for flights at altitudes over 3000 meters;
  • NO tail.
  • ABS system and buckles like on cocon V2
  • Very big trunks and pockets
  • Parachute lines on shoulders (if choice integrated reserve container)
  • Loops with rubber cord(like on backpacks) for attaching a carimat to the outside of the trunk
  • Enlarged luggage compartment under the knees with access through the seat. The design was implemented only by BF

Light (skytex fabric 40 gr/m) - 1780 gram
Durable (oxford fabric 320d) - 1980 gram

* Harness + easy removable inflate protector (240 gramm) + cockpit with flying devices board.

Сolor options: lime, blue, black(+color inserts on main trunk), red, dark blue, white*, orange*.
*this color available only for light version


Size Height
of the pilot
Max flying weight Light
XS 160-168 cm 120 kg EN
S 168-173 cm 120kg EN
M 173-178 cm 120kg EN
L 178-183 cm 120kg 1.78 1.98 EN
XL 183-188 cm 120kg EN
XXL 188-195 cm 120kg EN
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