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Maximum safety with B class performance Certified EN A in all sizes

The CLASSIC has been designed for those willing to progress in the sport safely, chasing their first XC flights but also comfortable with the technical control of this type of glider.

-Suitability for training: The CLASSIC2 is suitable for use in school and educational XC flying.

The CLASSIC2 is an easy and fun paraglider with excellent glide and a very efficient speed system designed as a low B class glider but received EN-A grade in all maneuver conditions. Long brake travel and excellent passive safety, as well as good stability, make the good ideal for progression.

Maximum safety with B performance certified EN-A in all sizes

CLASSIC2 has B performance, but EN-A safety is secured by applying the Smart Double Layer System(SDL) to ensure safety in flight, starting from Davinci’s R&D.

Smart Double Layer SYSTEM
By freeing up space in the profile in the event of collapse, it creates a strong resistance and can recover quickly.
It is placed in four cells in the center.
Best safety device for you

Technologies of CLASSIC2 in 3D



Size XS S M L
Flat area, sq.m 22.8 24.9 26.9 29.2
Flat A.R. 5.1 5.1 5.1  5.1
Flat span, m 10.8 11.3 11.7 12.2
Projected area, sq.m 19.2 21.0 22.7 24.6
Projected A.R. 3.77 3.77 3.77  3.77 
Projected span, m 8.51 8.89 9.24 9.63
Cells, total 48 48 48  48 
Cells, closed 10 10 10  10 
Flattening, % 15.7 15.7 15.7  15.7 
Cord max, m 2.53 2.65 2.75 2.86
Cord average, m 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4
Lines height, m 6.69 6.99 7.26 7.57
Accelerator travel, mm 100 120 120 120
Glider weight, kg 5.1 5.4 5.7 6.1
Takeoff weight, kg 60-85 70-95 80-105 90-120
Certification B Class(ALL EN-A) B Class(ALL EN-A) B Class(ALL EN-A)  B Class(ALL EN-A)

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