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Fly DaVinci



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Hybrid glider for ground handling / speedflying

Ground Handling and Strong Wind Flying:The glider is designed to excel in ground handling, making it suitable for training purposes. Ground handling is a crucial skill for paragliders, and a glider that performs well in this aspect can be beneficial for pilots to practice and enhance their control skills.The Doremi is also built to handle more challenging weather conditions for flight! This could be advantageous for pilots seeking a glider that performs well in various strong winds environments.

Mini Wing-Like Fun with Extra Safety:"fun to fly like a mini wing" it offers an exciting and dynamic flying experience. Mini wings are known for their agility and playfulness.Emphasis on "extra safety" the glider is designed with safety features and characteristics that make it more forgiving or stable during flight.

Not for Beginners (for flying)- D Character:Doremi is not suitable for beginners (for flying). With D character typically imply a more advanced and demanding glider, meant for experienced pilots during flight.

Ground Handling Training(beginner):The glider's suitability for ground handling training reinforces its role as a tool for skill development. Ground handling is a fundamental skill for paragliders, contributing to better control and safety during takeoff and landing.

New Level of Fun fly (only for experienced pilot) :The expression "a new level of fun" suggests that the Doremi aims to provide a unique and enjoyable flying experience, potentially appealing to pilots looking for excitement and challenges especially during strong wind condition.

In summary, the Doremi appears to be a specialized and versatile glider that combines features of ground handling training for beginner and flying in strong wind conditions for experts. Its design aims to offer a thrilling experience for experienced pilots seeking a blend of agility, fun, and safety in strong wind condition.




Size 16 18  20
Flat area, sq.m 16 18  20
Flat A.R. 4.3 4.3  4.3 
Flat span, m 8.3 8.8  9.3
Projected area, sq.m 13.9 15.7  17.4
Projected A.R. 3.4 3.4   3.4 
Projected span, m 6.9 7.3  7.7
Cells, total 21 21   21 
Cells, closed 6 6 6 
Flattening, % 12.8 12.8   12.8 
Cord max, m 2.38 2.53  2.66
Cord average, m 1.93 2.05 2.16
Lines height, m 5.06 5.37 5.66
Lines scheme A,A'/B/C A,A'/B/C  A,A'/B/C 
Accelerator travel, mm 100 100 100 
Glider weight, kg 2.9 3.1 3.3
Takeoff weight, kg 50-100 60-110 70-120
Certification  EN926-1 EN926-1  EN926-1



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