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Paraglider Fusion

Paraglider Fusion

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Fusing 2-liner feeling with an EN C certification, the Flow Fusion is the first certified hybrid 3-2 liner paraglider.

Feel connected like a 2-line race machine, with rear riser steering on crafted control toggles, but maintain the security and comfortable workload of an EN C glider. An optimised line configuration and unique risers enable a three-line layout in the centre of the span and a two-line layout at the tips. The resulting reduction in drag increases performance noticeably.

Careful attention in the design phase has led to exceptional thermic handling bringing the composure of 2-liners to the EN C class. The tension across the span produces a more composed glider and maintains energy in the turn that enables the Fusion to carve through the sky. Surf effortlessly to cloud base and then race away efficiently on bar.

A pitch stable aerofoil, less prone to collapses and oscillations, enables the pilot to concentrate on conditions and decision making with a mind freed from micromanaging the glider. The modest aspect ratio and cell count mean a comfortable level of workload as expected for an EN C glider. The shark nose profile, 3D panel shaping and detailed internal structure combine to produce a modern sports class wing.

At speed, the Fusion risers allow the pilot to fly the glider by changing the angle of attack whilst not distorting the profile. The two-liner style risers allow the Fusion to cut through the turbulence more efficiently so that the pilot can enjoy more accessible performance throughout the speed range.

“I wanted to bring the performance of our highly successful two-line projects, the XCRacer and Spectra, to the EN C class. This Fusion has produced an accessible package that is a dream to fly and one of the most pleasant gliders I’ve ever flown.”
Felipe Rezende (Flow Designer).



Tamanho Área Plana (m²) Área Projetada (m²) Envergadura Plana (m) Envergadura Projetada (m) Razão de Aspecto Razão de Aspecto Projetada Corda Máxima (m) Número de Células Peso do Parapente (kg) Peso de Decolagem (kg) Certificação
S 22.95 19.56 12.07 9.73 6.35 4.86 2.38 68 4.45 72-92 LTF/EN C
M 24.45 20.89 12.48 10.06 6.35 4.86 2.45 68 4.65 80-103 LTF/EN C
ML 26.3 22.47 12.94 10.43 6.35 4.86 2.54 68 4.80 92-115 LTF/EN C
L 28.4 24.14 13.50 10.89 6.35 4.86 2.59 68 4.95 107-128 LTF/EN C



Componente Material/Fabricante
Upper Surface Front Dominico 30D - Dominico
Upper Surface Back Skytex 32 soft - Porcher
Bottom Surface Skytex 32 soft - Porcher
Supported Ribs Skytex 32 hard - Porcher
Unsupported Ribs Skytex 32 hard - Porcher
Leading Edge Reinforcement 2.5/1.8/ Plastic rod - Porcher
Upper Cascades
Edelrid 8000U 130/090/070/050kg - Edelrid
Edelrid 9200 030kg - Edelrid
Middle Cascades
Edelrid 8000U 190/130/090/070/050kg - Edelrid
Edelrid 9200 030kg - Edelrid
Main Lines
Edelrid 8000U 360/190/130/050kg - Edelrid
Liros DSL 140kg - LIROS GmbH
Shackles Maillon Rapide
Connectors Ansung Precision
Riser Webbing 12mm zero stretch polyester webbing - Guth & Wolth GmbH
Pulleys Pulleys Ronstan ball bearing - Ronstan





Strategically placed plastic rods of different stiffness and thickeners to give optimum rigidity to the canopy.

Fusion’s plastic rods are mostly of a short length allowing an easy fold without the use of a dedicated folding pillow. Ultimately allowing an uncomplicated folding procedure.



The hybrid 3-2 line layout brings drastic drag reduction in comparison
to the traditional 3 lines layout. Ultimately translating to increased gains in performance.
  • Better glide
  • More solidity
  • More efficiency
  • Higher top-end speed
  • Increased solidity at higher speeds



The Fusion was designed in a way where every cell is aligned to true airflow so there is less disturbance by the inherent billowing effect found on paragliders.

The canopy twist and washout on the wingtips further reduce drag and improve the lift coefficients and aerodynamics on the Fusion.



Our solid shark nose profile is a pitch stable airfoil which means:

  • Fewer oscillations
  • More efficient glides
  • Solidity at higher speeds
  • Higher Comfort


Each cell and diagonals were structurally dimensioned and thoroughly computer analyzed to offer the most suitable chord and span-wise sail tension.

The result is a canopy with less attachment points but more taught and rigid offering just enough flex characteristics to give the ideal feedback.

A well-tensioned sail is especially important at higher speeds to improve solidity and resistance against collapses.



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