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Xtreme Cat

Paraglider XCRacer 2

Paraglider XCRacer 2

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FLOW XCRACER 2 offers a more comfortable flying experience compared to its predecessor, providing increased brake authority and comfort throughout the entire speed range. The improvements in performance are readily apparent, and we’ve succeeded in elevating the top speed as well.

This new version represents a well-balanced project without any compromises. It allows for flying at full speed with total comfort and control. Our goal was to design a glider that makes it easy to explore its full potential, ensuring both comfort and maximizing efficiency and performance.

The airfoil has undergone a comprehensive redesign, incorporating new sections and parameters. It now stands as the most efficient with a significant reduction in parasitic drag coefficient within our range. This redesign allowed for an increase in the built-in sail AoA twist, leading to enhanced aerodynamics and washout in ways we’ve never achieved before. The overall outcome is a glider with improved pitch stability and internal pressure, requiring less pilot input and resulting in heightened stability in both pitch and roll.

The updated sail tension enhances cohesion and feedback with less flex giving better feedback to the pilot. We’ve maintained the rear riser pressure and feel from the previous model, which remains in the mid-to-light pressure range. This provides an instinctive sensation and establishes an impeccable connection between the pilot and the pilot, setting the standard within our glider lineup. We believe this connection is one of the most important aspects as we like to connect with the glider as an extension of ourselves.

We are confident that the XCRacer2 represents a significant advancement from our highly successful EN-D 2-liner. We’ve made improvements across the board, leaving no aspect untouched. This glider is designed to excel at the highest level while being fun and pleasant to fly.


  • Cutting-edge shark nose airfoil design
  • Accurate rear riser steering capability
  • Streamlined line configuration for reduced drag
  • Sophisticated internal tensioning system
  • Aerofoil with minimal drag
  • Optimized lift coefficient for enhanced performance



Tamanho Área Plana (m²) Área Projetada (m²) Envergadura Plana (m) Razão de Aspecto Número de Células Peso da Asa (kg) Peso de Decolagem (kg) Certificação
S 21.75 18.63 12.34 7.0 83 5.0 80-95 EN-D
M 23.25 19.77 12.94 7.0 83 5.4 90-105 EN-D
ML 24.75 21.20 13.20 7.0 83 5.8 100-115 EN-D
L 26.55 22.74 13.66 7.0 83 6.2 110-125




Componente Material/Fabricante
Upper Surface
Porcher Skytex 38
Porcher Skytex 27 Classic 2
Bottom Surface
Porcher Skytex 27 Classic 2
Supported Ribs
Porcher 7000 E91
Unsupported Ribs
Porcher 7000 E91



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