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Tandem pilot harness

Tandem pilot harness

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Maximum comfort for the tandem pilot while in the air and at the start. For this purpose, Nearbirds introduces a hybrid seat.

  • A seat with separate legs, for easy launch;
  • A rigid board for good support in the air;
  • A large back compartment;
  • Mussbag protector
  • Fully adjustable to your figure and posture;
  • Bottom fabric protection

All this makes the harness convenient and safe.





The Tandem PILOT harness is designed to achieve maximum pilot comfort while in the air and at the start. Ideal for both professional pilots and fun pilots. Pilots who value comfort, lightness and ease of use. It’s features:

A seat with separate legs suspension, for easier take-off and landing. 

Rigid inserts in the seat and back make long flights comfortable and also make it easy to get into the harness after the launch.

The harness system allows you to easily adjust the back angle, lumbar support, and the pilot’s seating depth. 

There are special adjustments to accommodate different pilot’s thigh sizes. All of these adjustments ensure the comfort of the pilot during the flight.

Additional adjustment between the separate legs allows you to adjust the distance between the legs and use the harness for both tandem flights and solo flights.

The harness is very light and has a mussbag protector. The rescue parachute container is on the back. With the possibility of placing the rescue handle under the left or right side.

The harness has a streamlined profile and compact dimensions. 

It is made from durable materials. 

At the bottom there is an additional removable layer made of high-strength fabric Cordura. This second bottom-layer protects the fabric of the harness and you can always replace it with a new one.

There is a pocket on the back. 

On the left side there is a pocket for a camera and a special ring that acts as a holder for a monopod.

The set also includes a halyard and a reserve shoot handle.

Ideal combination with NearBirds Passenger harness.

Available in 3 sizes: S, M,  L

Weight 2,2 kg




The harness was made with the best paragliding equipment materials:

  • Nylon 210D Ripstop 

  • Polyamid 420D Diamond Ripstop.

  • Lycra soft shell.

  • Special material Ripstop Dyneema

  • SkyTex





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